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Basic Electronics Theory

If you are starting your baby steps in the field of electronics, want nothing no more than this poster to assist you. Basic Electronic Theory will keep you reminded with the basic theories in electronics. This includes:

Ohm’s Law – Basic Units – Series & Parallel Resistor Network – Series & Parallel Capacitor Configuration – Unit Prefixes – Alternating Current – Kirchhoff’s Laws
















Common Component Pinouts

Identifying components and their pinouts is a memory hoarder. That’s why this cheatsheet allows you to lessen your pain in identifying and memorizing the most popular parts. Start building your electronic projects with ease. This includes:

Resistor Color Code – Diodes & Transistors – LED pinouts – Transistors pinouts – Regulator pinouts – 7XXX Series Regulators – 555 IC















Math Formulas and Constants Cheatsheet

Math is one of the best tools you can use in understanding electronics. But there are times we forgot some constants and all we do is to find a math book and scan, scan and scan. We’ve wasted time to find that constant. This handy cheatsheet might help you out. This includes:Basic Algebra

Basic Algebra – Exponents and Logarithms – Decibel Table – Common Conversions – Trigonometric Identities – Boolean Algebra – Number System Equivalent – Temperature















Schematic Symbols Cheatsheet

It’s your first time to read a schematic diagram. You encountered some strange symbols and you wanted to know what are those symbols. This poster could help you familiarize the most common circuit symbols.

Sources – Meters – Resistors – Capacitors – Diodes – Inductors -Transistors – Opamps – Logic Gates – Relay / Transformer – Others


















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